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Legolas and Gimli

Couldn't get far in this gallery without putting some LOTR in. Like many people I love these characters and the relationship they have in both the books. Legolas and Gimli

Medieval::Legolas and Gimli

And this is my latests drawing. Its Legolas and Gimli, from my point of view of course. It started as a ske. Medieval::Legolas and Gimli


A commission of Gimli and Legolas I did for the lovely Sarah Warren, ie Qualli. A fellow tattoo enthusiast, I traded the drawing for a wonderful hat she.

Art Trade - Legolas and Gimli

This is the first (LotR-related) part of an art trade I'm having with fyre-monkey. I was told to draw "a pretty Legolas with a chibi Gimli", but I devia. Art Trade - Legolas and Gimli

Legolas and Gimli

I did this quite a long time ago. It is just that the text is never done, and with help of Tarah , it is finally done! XDD *throws confetti* I am . Legolas and Gimli

Gimli and Legolas at Helm's Deep by `EmberRoseArt on deviantART.

Gimli and Legolas at H. by EmberRoseArt

A Friend

First drawing of I forgot how much I loved colouring traditionally :') I absolutely love these two, what an amazing interspecies relationship they.