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I am a Witch.I work and conjure each and every day to restore balance, peace and harmony in the lives of others and the Planet.

13 Rules of Being a Wiccan or Witch

Even though I don't practice pagan stuff, I like a lot of the 'Nature' aspects, and what this says.

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Witchy Tip -- body lotion sigil - I think I want to try this with an oil blend, maybe a blend that corresponds to the sigil?


Daily Prayer to the Goddess. Great for pagan children to learn as a daily prayer.

Always be careful when doing any kind of 'binding'. It is imperitive if you are a practitioner of the light side of magic to do so with the clearest and purest intent. Threefold return is not something you want dished back out at you. This doesn't just apply to binding people, but animals and spirits as well. No one likes being put in a cage. It is tricky business to do it correctly and should be used in extreme circumstances concerning people only.

Although knot magic is traditional, this particular spell was written by Doreen Valiente and this is her original wording too (there are many common variants now)

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☽✪☾Approaching life with reverence is a step toward moving the personality into alignment with the soul because it brings an aspect of the soul directly into the physical environment.