- Macaw Bagel Toy Base complete with a 48mm bell, chain and pear link! This extra large bagel has five 5/16" holes through which you can string all your birds favorite toy parts on either rope, leather, or chain. This bird-safe bagel is a favorite of many birds who love to peel and shred. The overall length of the Macaw Bagel Base with the chain and pear link is 8-7/8" and the width is 5 inches. Comes in a variety of colors.

Homemade Bird Toys for Macaws | macaw bird toy | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Crunchy Hedgehog - Bird Toy by A Bird Toy - Parrot Toys Toy Making Parts. $5.75, via Etsy.

8" Medium Jolly Ball Bird Toy by LittlePeepsBigBeaks on Etsy

Another fun one! Use some plastic chain and take strips of paper rope and put them through the links. Unwind the ends and its a fun, simple, and easy shredder!

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