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Did You Mean.. EVERY FANDOM EVER?(Not a Harry Potter person...but this is just too funny xD)

Doctor who Sherlock Harry potter fandom mlp supernatural superwholock bbc

"I think Aidan is going to be crapping his pants soon. LOL"

The children of Supernatural writers aren’t safe from the devils their parents create. Also, Mark is such a lovable punk.

so accurate it hurts

This screenshot accurately represents both Moffat and the writers of Supernatural. >>> *that awkward moment when a gif from Doctor Who describes Supernatural instead of vice-versa

After the final episode of my favorite show...

Accurate, only MLP's and OUAT's season finales were satisfying, the rest tore my heart out! Well, so did OUAT, but it at least wrapped a FEW things up. My ships were safe.


Dear people who don't obsess over tv shows, books, movies, or celebrities. What exactly do you do all day?

still funny.


Funny pictures about Imagine if we were all in our sixties. Oh, and cool pics about Imagine if we were all in our sixties. Also, Imagine if we were all in our sixties.