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The End Of Humanity? Project HAARP: US Weather Control -  (Video) http://b4in.info/rY8Q

TIME Magazine Cover: Nikola Tesla - July 1931 - Inventions - Innovation - Science & Technology

Ark Ll 76 TV Series | ARK II (1976) Animated?

In Filmation produced its first live-action science fiction adventure, Ark II .

scificovers:  Ifvol 15 no 8 August 1965. Cover by Jack Gaughan illustratingTrick or Treaty by Keith Laumer.

One of my favorite science fiction magazines back in the day. I was sad to see it end publication.


scificovers: Ifvol 19 no 10 December Cover by Jack Gaughan illustratingAncient My Enemy by Gordon R.

Incredible vintage sci-fi pulp cover art

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