This listing is for the Ginger Curly Tippy top wig shown in these pictures. It is ready to ship My handmade mohair wigs start with my own custom made wig cap which is a hard cap that I create by using the dolls head as a model. Each wig is made individually and is intended for the doll sculpt which I describe. This particular wig was made using a Realpuki head as the model so thats the doll which it will fit. This wig is made from curly Medium Brown mohair and comes styled as shown. I ship…

Realpuki Wig Mohair Pink Tippy Top Ponytail by by WeeDollyWears

Mohair Wig for Realpuki Curly Ginger created by by WeeDollyWears

Realpuki Wig Mohair Brown Curly by by WeeDollyWears on Etsy

Realpuki Wig Mohair Cinnaberry Curly by by WeeDollyWears

Mohair Wig for Realpuki Baby Blonde Long & Curly by WeeDollyWears

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