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White Wine......Not the snow!

"I'm dreaming of a Wine Christmas" Wine glass Illustration Quotes (Music lyrics & Wine Mashup)

Well got one out of two! No I did not go to Germany and yes I do find Australian accent sexy!

Sweet Corn, Peppered Bacon and Shrimp Chowder

What Your Wine Choice Says About You. Its funny because my mom drinks her wine with an ice cube.

2004 Santorini Vinsanto from Santo Wines

Union of Santorini Cooperatives. Buy online Vinsanto, Assyrtiko, Athiri and Santorini food products.

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5 Picks for Thanksgiving Wine

5 Holiday Wines - These varietals/blends are great suggestions for Thanksgiving & Christmas entertaining.

wine glasses love..it I have an apron that says the same!

My friend, Enne, found this wine glass months ago and bought it for me and saved it for my birthday. It is so perfect because she knows I love poetry and wine.

How long wine lasts chart

Here's How Long Wine Really Lasts Once It's Been Opened -- Print this out and post it to your fridge so you know how long you have to enjoy your favorite Missouri wines!

Characterize Types of White Wine by Color from winefolly.com

How does the color of a white wine indicate its flavor? The wine's color can tell you a lot about how it tastes before you even smell it! From very pale wines like such as pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc to rich and intensely colored.