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Drawings by Juul Kraijer

Juul Kraijer's subject is the same naked female figure she has drawn repeatedly for more than a decade, whose features she has universal.

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Annette Bolton Textile and Bead Artist sketchbooks, paintings, drawings, photography and design work using mixed media using natural materials

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Juul Kraijer, Photograph 2014 #photography

Juul Kraijer \ The Wapping Project Bankside

Csilla Klenyánszki’s trompe l’oeils begin as physical sets. “I try to see it as a game where I build my own world,” she tells Co.Design. “I try to play with the borders of nonsense. Something that looks foolish in the first place can always find its right place at the end.” Here, Spots, 2012

Photographs That Explore A Meticulous World Of Hand-Made Surrealism


"The drawings are decidedly not representations of situations existing in reality. Rather, they are incarnations of frames of mind. The bod.

Juul Kraijer

asylum-art: “ Juul Kraijer Photography Juul Kraijer’s practice draws upon Surrealist photography, using models as vehicles for ideas rather than portraits: „Without being literal, I’m employing the.