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Blue Topaz Ring with 0.23 cttw. Diamonds https://www.goldinart.com/shop/rings/colored-gemstone-rings/blue-topaz-ring-with-0-23-cttw-diamonds

Carat Blue Topaz with cttw. Diamonds in 14 karat yellow gold

Blue Topaz Earrings https://www.goldinart.com/shop/earring/colored-gemstone-earrings/blue-topaz-earrings-5 #14KaratYellowGold, #BlueTopaz, #Earrings

round blue topaz that are bezel set in 14 karat yellow gold dangling leverback earrings.

Blue Topaz Ring with 0.16 cttw. Diamonds https://www.goldinart.com/shop/rings/colored-gemstone-rings/blue-topaz-ring-16-cttw-diamonds #BlueTopazRing

blue topaz ring with briolette blue topaz underneath cttw. round brilliant cut diamonds set in 14 karat gold.

Blue Topaz Ring (DaVinchi Cut) in 14 kw https://www.goldinart.com/shop/rings/colored-gemstone-rings/blue-topaz-ring-davinchi-cut

Elegant Blue Topaz Ring, Davinchi Cut, set in 14 karat white gold.

Blue Topaz Ring https://www.goldinart.com/shop/colored-gemstone-rings/blue-topaz-ring #14KaratWhiteGold, #BlueTopazRing, #Diamonds, #Sapphires

Blue Topaz Ring The ct center stone is a cabochon cut London blue topaz surrounded by cttw blue sapphires alternating with cttw diamonds.

Blue Topaz Ring With 0.14 Cttw Diamonds https://www.goldinart.com/shop/rings/colored-gemstone-rings/blue-topaz-ring-with-0-14-cttw-diamonds #BlueTopazRing, #WhiteGold

Fifteen Carat Round Checkerboard Cut Blue Topaz Ring with Cttw. Diamonds in 14 Karat White Gold

Blue Topaz Ring with 0.49 cttw. Diamonds https://www.goldinart.com/shop/rings/colored-gemstone-rings/blue-topaz-ring-with-0-49-cttw-diamonds

Carat Oval London Blue Topaz Ring with cttw. Diamond halo swirl, in 14 karat yellow and white gold.

Blue Topaz Ring with 0.07 cttw. Diamonds https://www.goldinart.com/shop/rings/colored-gemstone-rings/blue-topaz-ring-with-0-07-cttw-diamonds

Royal Blue Topaz with cttw. Diamonds in 14 Karat White Gold

Blue Topaz Ring with 0.06 cttw. Diamonds https://www.goldinart.com/shop/rings/colored-gemstone-rings/blue-topaz-0-06-cttw-diamonds #14KaratWhiteGold, #BlueTopaz

Cushion cut blue topaz ring with ct. diamonds coming up the band in a swirl towards the topaz.