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dog finds feral kittens under boat

dog saved kittens from boat adopted by men

This makes me so happy!

Pupy Training Treats - Pets are awesome to grow up with - How to train a puppy?

A man saved a tiny one-eyed kitten found on the streets in Cairo, and he was determined to find her a better life. Meet Poppy! Happy Homes Animal Rescue Poppy was spotted wandering the streets with only one eye. The motherless kitten was covered in ringworm in desperate need of help. A kind-hearted man saw …

Man Saves One-eyed Kitten from Streets, What a Difference a Week Can Make.


They Didn't Expect This Kitten To Survive The First Night...But Look At Her Now

This is a story of endurance, love, and the fact that big fighters can come in small packages! When little Bobby arrived at the Purrfect Pals Cat Shelter in Arlington, Washington, the staff members weren’t sure if the kitten–whose eyes hadn’t …

Now he has someone to cuddle with forever!

Orphaned Kitten Needs Motherly Love, Man Decides He Will Be His New 'Mom'

Ten Day Old Kitten Surprised Everyone with Her Amazing Fight to Live!

It's hard to believe she's the same kitten. What a second chance can do!


With a lot of love and care from fosterers Shawn and Emiley, little calico Emiley is doing very well right now. She is a fighter who is simply so happy that she’s given a second chance at life.

Kittens Take Over Classic Rock Album Covers

The Kitten Covers is a mashed-up of three of my favourite things in the world kittens, music and design. Alfra Martini was the creator of the Kitten Covers a website

rescue baby kitten rescued from storm under tree shoes

Couple Save Kitten from Thunderstorm with Stray Mama's Help

A tiny kitten found herself trapped inside a wall for at least 10 hours. The home owner wouldn't give up finding the kitten and even cut a hole in the wall so she could save her.   YouTube/ochuchan1  On September 14, 2015, the home owner first heard a kitten meowing early in the morning and thought ...

Woman Hears a Kitten Inside a Wall, Spends Hours Searching and Finds this.

chaton caire

Rejeté par tous, ce chaton à un œil fait le voyage de sa vie après avoir été sauvé

Rescuer and his Foster Baby

Kitten Found in Box with a Note Finds Love from People That Saved Him...

Kitten Found in Box with a Note Finds Love from People That Saved Him...


Abandoned Gray Kitten Found Behind Tool Shed Finds a New Sister for Life!

Runners Find Kittens In Degree Heat and Go Back to Save Their Cat Mama…

A Stunning Kitten Named Rey was Adopted by Some Loving Humans