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Thinking how we had to turn inland off the curving coastal road because our daughter was so car sick. Had we not done that, we would not have experienced Yosemite. Plan B rocks!! Always have a Plan B...or come up with one as needed!....slj

Isn't it annoying that sometimes, when we're in the groove about life, something happens to get us off course. It doesn't matter. Embrace detours-- it might just lead you to your best place yet.

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Everything will be okay in the end

Everything will be okay

This quote is seriously what I live by. And I've found out that it's true. Because it hasn't ended, and it's not okay. So I live by this every time something bad happens.

Girls are the most beautiful and amazing evil psychotic completely bat shit crazy creatures that have ever been put on this God forsaken planet

Me Time~ Because I am worth it I won't compete for someone's love! Not anymore!

Me Time~ Because I am worth it I won't compete for someone's love!

Gerber Likes To Post Shit Here

You fucking idiot grow the fuck up oh wait your still a kid your self! You don't know shit

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"Kids go where there is excitement. They stay where there is love." ~Zig Ziglar And they choose over and over to stay 😍