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Liam, honey can you did the camera in just one photoshoot. Its one direction, not 2 directions. xx ps you are MAH HERO xoxox

One Direction | Harry Styles | Liam Payne | Louis Tomlinson | Niall Horan | Zayn Malik ♥

this was at universal and I was there that was like the best day ever

Yes this is true. haha

Actually the kpop fandom can do the same thing, besides crash vevo since Korea doesn't use vevo, and we can't talk to strangers

pinning it again because YESS                                                                                                                                                      Más

One Direction // Harry Styles // Liam Payne // Niall Horan // Louis Tomlinson

I have to see this commercial. When I see it on tv I'm gonna freak out & my mom would b like "Wtf? What r u freaking out about?" Then I'll say "IT'S ONE DIRECTION!" and she'll just look at me and say "It's a car commercial. Niall isn't in the car." Then the camera will show Niall driving

You are a good friend cuz you showed me lots of things I didn't see that's why let's get this trending

The revolution of the one direction's selfies.

The revolution of the one direction's selfies.>> the term is evolution hun(:<<<<< that friggin sly smile that Niall does just makes me melt😍😍

One Direction

The new Take That? Their tour sold out in hours and their first single shifted 100,000 in a weekend... One Direction on a year that changed their lives

I want to point out the fact that it seems like the first pic is supposed to be like off guard but harry is looking dead at the camera

One Direction>>>> Harry girls be like "I wanna see your ripped skinny jean lying on the floor! Cause you'd look so perfect standing there in your American apparel underwear"<<that comment tho and I'm a Harry girl lol