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beautiful sleek white cube gallery warmer Many frames to choose from! Purchase this warmer and receive a warmer! (free warmer chosen by Scentsy based on availability)

Great graphic for the march warmer of the month deal.

March warmer of the month, sleek white warmer with different front magnetic plates to change the look of your warmer! Many different choices!

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Order this warmer and scentsy will send you another warmer for free. If you don't like the 10 year frame you can order a different frame for just 7.00!!! This is a great deal!!!

This month only, anyone who orders the 10 year anniversary warmer will get a second warmer for free. Keep in mind you can change the plates on front of the anniversary warmer too.

The Scentsy Scentrend for 2014 – Simply Nashi Pear. Shop directly https://ivelyssepowers.scentsy.us/  If you have questions please contact ivelyssepowers@gmail.com

The Scentsy Scentrend for 2014 – Simply Nashi Pear

Scentsy Christmas Warmers 2015 Tracy's Scentsy, http://doak.scentsy.us

Scentsy Christmas Warmers 2015 www.