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These wings were meant to fly and these nibs were meant to stitch. This my friends is known is the needle stitch script. It requires the penman to manipulate the nib in a controlled manner. If I can do it so can you. by

Joyce Lee @artsynibs thinks I'm #annoylinglycool! Such a nice feeling by

This pen go so far out of the frame it's not even funny anymore. _______________________________________ Learn copperplate calligraphy with! Classes now available at Details at _______________________________________ by

I was looking through promissory notes and I just kept seeing I-P joins everywhere. Here's a variation I like. by

Nothing great can ever be completed in a short time. _______________________________________ Learn copperplate calligraphy with! Classes now available at Details at _______________________________________ by

#맛있어요!!! Dang these hotteoks #호떡 look pretty plain but are delicious! There's this mystery sauce inside that explodes and it's really good! I've eaten so much food on this trip that i might have to start a weight loss account soon. by

Dinner coffee calligraphy chat with me @happyshop and tomorrow at Flock Cafe @ Ghim Moh? Join us if you're free or pop by to say hi! We'll just be catching up and maybe writing some Christmas cards I heard? by artsynibs

Love seeing all these maple leaves around. They turn beautifully red and form a nice carpet for Instagram shots. We don't have maple trees where I come from but I seriously don't mind having one in my yard. by

Unfortunately my italic and bastard secretary fall short. Yet post I must for it shall one day document my progress. by

Instagram is an amazing community! I've met so many wonderful people here but most of them I can't meet in person due to geographical constraints! Do you have the same problem as me? If you were able to meet any of your Instagram friends who would he/she be? Let me know in the comments! by