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Mexico witnessed a ring around the sun on Thursday this week; a perfectly round rainbow-looking halo surrounded the sun and was seen in several Mexican cities, a phenomenon, because it was not witnessed anywhere else in the world. What’s going on..  Phenomenon; a) anything that can be perceived as an occurrence or fact by the senses b) the object of perception, “A thing that as it appears, as distinguished from its real nature as a thing-in-itself” What are we really looking at

A perfectly round rainbow-like halo surrounded the sun in several Mexican cities, including the country's capital on Thursday. People spent the day with their heads looking up at the sky, trying to capture the phenomenon and share it on social media.

Fenómenos extraños de la naturaleza  - Columnas de luces

10 fenómenos extraños de la naturaleza

Asperatus clouds over Hanmer Springs, Canterbury, New Zealand

Nubes Asperatus sobre Nueva Zelanda

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Colourful light pillars often appear in winter when snow or ice crystals reflect light from a strong source like the sun or moon. Aided by extreme cold, light pillars appear when light bounces off the surface of flat ice crystals floating relatively close to the ground.

Colorful Light Pillars appear frequently in winter when snow or ice crystals reflect light from the sun, moon, or ground lights.

Liberty Island, New York

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inanılmaz doğa ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Denmark's 'Black Sun' occurs during the spring when more than a million European starlings gather to join in the incredible formations shown above.