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Notes in manuscripts and colophons made by medieval scribes and copyists.  Image is sidebar to linked article.

Medieval monks complained about their jobs in the margins of ancient manuscripts

real complaints medieval monks scribbled in the margins of illuminated manuscripts. These days the margin notes might include complaints about processing speeds and bandwidth.

Miniature of a whale and a sailing boat, from a Bestiary, with extracts from Giraldus Cambrensis, England. Second quarter of the 13th century, British Library, Harley MS 4751, f.  69

Whale, English Bestiary (Harley author unknown, century, housed at the British Library.

"Even if two scribes knew how make the same letters, it is possible that they would turn out differently"(N. Oresme)

Emily Steiner on

Page from Medieval Scribe's Artbook, sample alphabet:The Macclesfield Alphabet Book, England, British Library

The Adventure of Medieval Bunny, Part I: The Killer Bunny

The Adventure of Medieval Bunny, Part I: The Killer Bunny -rabbit knight riding his lion steed. "Miracles of Our Lady" of Gautier Coinci, century.

Medieval kite, called a dragon or a comet. If ever I was to do an A&S project, it would be this.

Medieval kite, called a dragon or a comet. Knight Flying a Dragon as a Kite -Gottingen, Germany

Medieval Map of The Holy Land, the 16th century, English ~ P. D. A. Harvey's most recent book presented eight regional maps of Palestine, drawn between the 12th and the 14th centuries. Some of those maps survive as the work of the original mapmaker, most notably those of Matthew Paris; others are copies or derivatives of original maps that are now lost.

From the Medieval Medieval Maps of the Holy Land'. Image: The Acre map of Matthew Paris

Making medieval pigments for illuminated manuscripts

TOOLS::: WRITING::: Making medieval pigments for illuminated manuscripts. Real size info, though some ideas of presentation - inks mixed in clam shells, powdered in mortar pestles, etc.

From the Medieval Manuscripts blog post 'A Medieval Menagerie'. Detail of a squirrel eating a nut, Add MS 18852, f. 88v

Illuminated Manuscript Squirrel ~ 'Hours of Joanna the Mad', Bruges (BL, Add fol.