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death note yagami light mello nate river obata takeshi high resolution very high resolution scan blonde brown hair male short hair white hair potential duplicate

Takeshi Obata Illustrations DEATH NOTE

Browse Takeshi Obata Illustrations DEATH NOTE collected by Gustavo Ferreira and make your own Anime album.

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Death Note - Collage - Official Mini Poster>>>>> I haven't actually watched this show yet. I want to tho

Death Note / yes can I be the skeleton

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death note imagens L, Near, Mello, and Matt wallpaper and background fotografias

Takeshi Obata, Death Note, L

Death Note L Lawliet. I think that if I ever need sweets then I can go to L.


Steampunk Sabo is too cool steampunktendencies: “Artist : Takumi ”

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Beyond Birthday

Death Note Another Note Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. I was literally speechless after rding this novel. It's a really good book!