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EW cover 2014

Divergent - Insurgent - Allegiant - Tris / Beatrice Prior - Four / Tobias Eaton - Shailene Woodley - Theo James

Theo James as Four in divergent... His shirtless scene was too short in my opinion...

Theo James as Four in divergent. His shirtless scene was too short in my opinion.


Dream cast for tris and four: probably the ones they chose for the movie, Shailene and Theo.

Proof Sheo is an actual thing

- Shailene Woodley and Theo James were spotted going to the trendy ‘Axe’ restaurant on Abbot Kinney for a late Sunday afternoon lunch.

Fourtris <3

"Sometimes I still forget to look for the gentler parts of her. For so long all I saw was the strength, standing out like the wiry muscles in her arms or the black ink marking her collarbone with flight.