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Obama Administration Brings in 12,500 Syrian Refugees This Year With Last Minute Rush - Breitbart

Obama Administration Shut Down Whistleblower Program Revealing 1,811 Aliens From Terrorist Countries Granted Citizenship

Dan Bongino on

Absolutely devastating critique of the Obama administration on the front page of the left-leaning NY Daily News

YOU’LL FREAK: When You See What Obama Just Promised The ‘Refugees’--As the Veteran’s Affairs budget is short by $2.6 billion, the Obama administration has donated a total of $4.5 billion in aid for Syrian refugees. The United States will give $419­ million more in humanitarian aid to assist Syrian refugees and the countries that are hosting them, administration officials said Monday. WE'LL SOON BE EUROPE, INVADED BY OUR ENEMIES, MAKE NO MISTAKE THEY'LL BE FUNDED BY OUR OWN GVMNT!!!

A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL: Just how bad is Barack Obama’s Nuclear Treaty with Iran? It is so bad that the Obama administration is willing to spend billions and billions of dollars for “military equipment packages” for Israel and the Saudi kingdom if they will “just go along” with the proposed Iranian treaty. And if that wasn’t the worst of it, John Kerry freely admits that the Obama deal will give Iran unprecedented power to conduct terror attacks around the globe. They admit that. Achtung, and…