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I loved Animorphs when I was a kid! the thought of turning into an animal was amazing.

sallytee21: Yes can I please have my #Tall #Dark & #British to go please?? Order for one lol! #SleepyHollow #IchabodCrane #TomMison

Jason Statham / جيسون ستاثام ممثل إنجليزي وغطاس سابق من مواليد 26 يوليو 1967 لمتابعة أحدث الصور للفنان جيسون ستاثام قم بزيارة باب النت مدخلك لعالم الأنترنت

I say, "Ritchie-you're an absolute disgrace to yourself." He looks at me like I just shot his dog or told him his ma died. "You're a good friend,Ed," Ritchie finally says, and returns to his usual easygoing expression. It's impeccable how brutal the truth can be at times. You can only admire it. Usually, we walk around constantly believing ourselves. But sometimes the truth arrives on you, and you can't get it off. That's when you realize that sometimes it isn't even an answer-it's a…

Fast And Furious 7; The new Brian O'connor (Cody Walker)

Paul Walker.. You will always be one of my fav male actors. Love and miss you lots