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Luke!!! doubt it but....I'm pinning it again just in case!

5SOS Memes and Jokes on

Hey going to the concert and is opening so, I mean I guess they have a better chance of noticing me.

Ahaahah! Ashton and Calum <3 5SOS Meme <3 5 Seconds Of Summer <3 "This is why people call you Asian" LOL

Hanging With 5SOS Part 1

Love this photo

Calum Hood, Michael Clifford Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer photographed on June 2014 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Milan.<<< Ashton looks so serious!

"Can't risk it<< I'm seeing them tonight! hopefully he laughs!!!>>>>> already heard it :)!!!!"

I dont even belive in these things but i am taking no chances dear god im tearing up that is so sad some people will never hear it.<<<<<<< I've heard it already but I'd like to again


Poor Niall always stalking them. Wait, they are so lucky! <<<< Girl I am laughing at your comment

The only time EVER that Louis as been the angelic, obedient one. well he's always angelic ; ) but never obedient

He's not a dictionary

ashton trying to describe the album XD haha and micheal and luke are laughing at him

Right tho!!!!!!!!! I totally agree

Luke Hemmings ❤️ Ashton Irwin ❤ Calum Hood ♥️ Michael Clifford ♥️ 5 seconds of summer ❤️

That guy be like "hold up is that t swift?!" hahahahaha oooh mannn... ;)

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