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The Avengers

The Avengers

Captain America<<---Wouldn't been hilarious if Falcon said, "FALCON PUNCH!!!"

Captain America (MCU) - Sam Wilson x Steve Rogers - Freebird

Descendants of Disney

Descendants of Disney

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Fun Facts about Avengers. This is awesome! Monee cool facts about the hulk!

I want them to make a movie about this.

Yeah, Hiddles reaction to the "Budapest" comment between Black Widow and Hawkeye is definitely valid. What happened there?<<<Kattnis is what happened in Budapest

Just Avengers Like this.

Just Avengers

Thor & Gods 1 Captain America Don't judge me!

I lost it at ":) BEHOLD. I AM SMILING."

A text message conversation between the Thor and Tony Stark. This is absolutely the best thing I have ever seen.<~~ BEHOLD I AM SMILING. Hahah cracks me up


"Camp Half-Blood Cabins" This is pretty cool, but there shouldn't be an outfit for Hera and Artemis, and where's the Dionysus cabin?

Tumblr Marvel #4. The Thor and Hulk joke is hilarious...how'd I get that two years late?!

Hawkeye, Loki and iron man's are simply the best just for the caw caw motherfucker, ehehe Loki'd and iron man would build you a library!

On dating Chris Hemsworth's daughter. Most amazing thing ever!  Hilarious! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth annoying the crap out of Chris' daughter as Loki and Thor.