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Kyogre used Water Spout! Took about 2 hours on PaintTool SAI using a Wacom Bamboo tablet. My Pokemon Power Portrait Series Posters

Red & Mew

Red & Mew

Lugia | Aeroblast by ishmam on DeviantArt

Commissioned by anonymous. Lugia used Aeroblast! It took a lot of time at first since I couldn't decide what pose to put Lugia.

Ninetails possible position

Ninetails possible position

Lucario; Pokémon

Aura Sphere by ishmam on deviantART. One of my favorite pokemon

Sneasel | Night Slash by ishmam on DeviantArt

Sneasel used Night Slash! Sneasel is one of my favorite Pokemon and I knew Night Slash would b.


Vaporeon used Scald! Water Pokemon are some of my favorites to draw. This took about an hour using PaintTool SAI and a Wacom Bamboo tablet. Shiny version My Pokemon Power Portrait Series Pos.

Swampert | Muddy Water by ishmam on DeviantArt

Swampert used Muddy Water! My Pokemon Power Portrait Series Posters

Pokemon - Alola Starters by Quas-quas

The Guardian of the Sea  Artwork

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This is the first part of Round 3 of the BFOI More Info Here: [link] It's a warm summer evening and the moon shines down on dozens of trainers having a . BFOI - Part 1