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Image result for breakdown x knockout

Image result for breakdown x knockout

Transformers Prime Wheeljack

“in which I make questionable life and art choices late at night after only hours of sleep the night before, wheeeeeeeee~ does this need a nsfw tag? I guess I’ll put a nsfw tag.

Transformers Prime Dreadwing (Animation Pic)

Dreadwing is my fav con i wanted to kill Megatron when he killed him in TFP.

Transformers Prime: Megatron and Optimus Prime split with Orion Pax and Megatronous, amazing fan art.

Which one do you want as a father and (if you are a female) which would be a better boyfriend?

Transformers Prime - Breakdown Fan Art✶ #TransformersPrime #TFP #TV_Show

Oh Breakdown. you and your adorable kitty ears >w< Needed to make another quick pic to save my sanity and thought about how Breakdown totally de.

transformers prime predaking - Google Search

except they like to kill squirrels & rabbits. not autobots. although the crazy one does like to bark viciously at trucks.