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Troubleshooting For Success: 3 Surefire Ways to Expertly Manage Your Classroom

Our ESL Essentials Articles section will help you master the basics of teaching English and will help you start teaching like a 'pro'.

From Start to Finish: Teaching a Thematic Unit Across the ESL Spectrum

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5 Essential Reference Books You Must Have for Your Classroom (And 5 Others That are Still a Good Idea to Keep Around)

Beyond Naptime: Incorporate Movies in the Classroom and Keep them Riveted

Ghoti is Fish? 6 Reasons to Teach Phonics in the ESL Classroom

How can ghoti spell fish? It is a classic phonics example. Gh as in enough, o as in women, and ti as in nation come together to create the same sound patterns as the letters f-i-s-h.

Please Have A Seat: How To Set Boundaries In Your Classroom

Boundaries can be defined as where I leave off and others begin. A boundary is where I can claim some personal item, space or mental process as mine. Boundaries have long been a problem in t

Avoid Cultural Clash: 6 Tips Every ESL Teachers Should Know

There is perhaps nothing that is so much a part of the individual and yet so invisible as culture. Experts describe culture like an iceberg where only ten percent is visible and ninety perce

6 Things You Should Know about Comprehensible Input in the ESL Classroom

Good teachers are always trying to improve their skills and their effectiveness in the classroom. In the process of making ourselves better, however, we can sometimes get bogged down in the

What You Can Do With a Whiteboard: 10 Creative ESL Games

What You Can Do With a Whiteboard: 10 Creative ESL Games esl-english-as-a-second-language-ideas-for-adults

Great Techniques for Creative Writing in the ESL Classroom

I'm sure you would all agree that teaching our ESL students writing skills is undoubtedly necessary. After all, it goes without saying that writing is a way to communicate as well.

If you teach ESL, odds are you have some pretty standard items in your classroom. Very few teachers will attempt educating young minds without text books, a white board or chalk board, penci

The ESL Teacher’s Ultimate Bag Of Tricks: 8 Must-Have Classroom Essentials

Speak Up: 6 Fabulous Games to Get your Students Speaking

Many ESL teachers find that their students are timid speakers or reluctant to participate in class discussions.