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Leadership secrets on how to best motivate your team in the workplace

Motivating a team and keeping that motivation alive is never easy, but successful business teams are more than possible.

The Most Common Places to Volunteer

Looking for a way to get involved in your community but don't know where to start? Check out this list of the most common places to volunteer in your community.

5 Qualities of a Monster Boss

Don't be that boss. Check this list of qualities that make for a monster boss and make sure your role in leadership is a positive one.

6 Things to Learn From Fear | David Pereira

Don't be afraid of fear. Here's a list of things you can learn from fear.

4 Qualities of a Successful Leader

What qualities make a leader successful? Check out this list of qualities that great leaders possess.

Your Personal Brand Matters More than You Think! | David Pereira

Who are you and what do you represent? Every action you do or don't make effects your personal brand. Here's why that matters more than you think.

Looking for entrepreneurs that make a difference? Here's a list of famous entrepreneurs that give back in big ways.

4 Fatal Missteps for High-Flying Entrepreneurs

Mentors are your key to success

In fact, many successful people have (or once had) mentors in their life that

Why You Should Have a #Travel Fund | David Pereira

Traveling isn't cheap, but you can prepare by keeping a travel fund at hand for when you need a spontaneous trip. Here's why you should have a travel fund.

How to Incorporate Philanthropy in Your Business

Charitable Ties: How to Incorporate Philanthropy Into Your Business

Don't just dream it, do it

Go from a dreamer to a doer. You can easily be both a dreamer and a doer, but having a doer mentality is how to get things done.

5 Ways to Become a Positive Influencer By David Pereira

In today's society, you can have a powerful impact on the world and those around you. Here's how you can become a positive influencer.

Why Your Business Needs More Hustle | David Pereira   Do you want your business to come out on top? Here's how you can make that happen!

Today we live in an incredibly competitive world, where every business needs to come out ahead in their market.

Travel with Purpose | David Pereira

Whether your travel for a luxurious vacation or to check a place off of your bucket list, here's how you can make your trip more meaningful through community.

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Curried Potato Kale Galette

Poached Pears with Caramel Crackle and Cream recipe - Canadian Living