Omni Bucket Mocha 10-1/2" diam. x 10-1/2" h 10060035 .The outstanding Japanese design and quality of our Omni Bucket is simply irresistible. With it's ribbed texture, soft colors and generous storage capacity, it's ideal for a nursery or playroom. And you won't believe how strong it is. Put the lid on, and doubles as a stool that can hold up to 330 pounds! A handle makes it easy for little ones to carry items from room to room. It's also great for holding gardening or craft supplies. $22

Buck Storage Stool.

Tea org: put tea bags into mason jars. cut out lid-size circles (~3"?) from original tea box so that when stored horizontally, you can still identify jars by tea type.

Colored Buckets: "[I] took a tip from one of the home improvement stores and got a bunch of clean plastic buckets from the restaurant I work at. We drilled the bottoms and screwed them into a peg board in a rainbow shape." — Skye A. via Facebook Source: Land of Nod

These shelves feature the unbeatable combination of the strength of steel and the rust-resistance of the epoxy coating. You'll even be able to think of ways to use them outside. The grid pattern is tight, so small items won't fall through. They'll support a generous amount of weight and come in two sizes to store an equally generous range of items. For mounting on wood, we recommend using the screws included in the package and a <a…

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