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How to create the Perfect Gallery Wall in your home. Very cool family the scrabble tiles.

If you must then take some action in the morning or right when you get home. Don't make excuses! For example the excuse of dinner make a quick dinner! The quickest dinner is probably a smoothie but if you want something warm then work while its cooking and set your alarm. When you try to make changes in your life and you are followed by resistance and self sabotage it could mean you have a poverty mindset. One where you ruin your efforts subconsciously because you don't feel you deserve…

“I’d use a sonic screwdriver for all household problems: cleaning my gutters, unblocking the sink. I think it would be a very good remote for your telly. I spend all day working with a sonic screwdriver; I don’t really want to take it home.” Peter Capaldi on uses for a sonic screwdriver. Hot Minute.

Burlap chairs…hmmm! When I slipcover my Living Room Chairs in White Denim…I should do the backs of them in Burlap!!!

I’m home.

Napsat, co se dělo tomu klukovi, celý příběh. A pak napsat z pohledu matky a jak jí to zkouší vysvětlit. Teoreticky, kdyby to mělo být, že kluk změnil budoucnost/minulost, pak by byla ještě verze tři, což by bylo z pohledu matky, ale bez návratu syna.

if you are not mindful you are not anything. So, get present and calm in your home! These lovely little tips are key to keeping your feet on the ground and your personal power surging load & clear.

Denver and Ryan - "Yeah, it's been doing that for the past five minutes." "Why didn't you tell me?!" "I didn't think you would listen." "It blinking is bad!" "Well, I figured that much out by now!"