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22 Times Harry Potter Wasn't The Brightest Wand In The Bunch

How it probably went down when the Hogwarts founders picked the school motto

Who would even do that

How it probably went down when the Hogwarts founders picked the school motto. It's more fun when you know latin.


"Hey, I just met you and this is crazy. But your sister just died so here's her baby." - Here's her baby by Carly Rae Dumbledore


i probably shouldn't have laughed so hard about lucius' face there- but dear god- it won't stop.

Wizard Dogs…it really bothers me that the Roverclaw is not wearing blue.

Wizard Dogs…

Funny pictures about Harry Potter Dog Houses. Oh, and cool pics about Harry Potter Dog Houses. Also, Harry Potter Dog Houses.

BAHAHAHA! Harry Potter reference for the win.

Derpina is free!

Master has presented Derpina with a sock! Derpina is free! Derpina is a Free Elf!

This is funny cause if this did happen i wouldn't be surprised

Minerva McGonagall meets James Sirius Potter<<< I love this but I'm sorry eleven/twelve year olds do NOT look like that like he looks like he's six<<< true

he ate them all, except for the ones who escaped to the sea (narwhals)

funny harry potter unicorn you are what you eat (in book 1 when voldemort drank the unicorn blood!) OMG SO FUNNY

This would be really funny😂 And i saw somewhere that Dursleys were rude to Harry because he is Horcrux, and everyone who is near it gets bad energy