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Patrick J. Adams alias Mike Ross - The Suits

I really need this mug... #suits

Get the Suits Louis Litt Mug that is identical to the one that Katrina gives to Louis on the Suits TV show. The You Just Got Litt Up Mug is inspiring for any office.

Suits USA!! My favorite show with the best acting and writing on TV!!

superb acting and fantastic writing.


Suits - Harvey Specter x Mike Ross - Marvey

Patrick J. Adams "He's like the captain of mixed metaphors." Mike Ross

Uh oh. Shouldn't have started watching 'Suits'.

patrick j adams - Mike ❤️

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Always have a Plan B

19 Life Lessons One Learns From "Suits"

What are your choicees? Harvey Specter Quote, Suits haha so good

Harvey Specter Suits :)

Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter - Suits.