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Image result for naruto eyes

Image result for naruto eyes


Druga część Obrazków I Memów Z Anime :3

but how the hell is "SPOILER ALERT! he killed your grandparents" gonna be a good ~bed time~ story.

Sasuke sending a gift to Sarada while he's away. Sakura having Sarada write a cute letter to send back to Papa. Sasuke recieved the letter and dies of cuteness~

Sakura, Kakashi, text, comic, assembly, Gaara, ninjas, army; Naruto

Iv pinned this befor I just need to again this is so butiful and he never overlooked her power but let you find it with lady tsunade

Which eyes would you prefer?

Which eyes would you prefer?

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Sasuke and sakura from naruto manga i found this page on my naruto comics folders, so i decided to continue it. ++ I had to LOVE YOU one more time ++

I like that none of these are shitting on the characters for once, it's refreshing!

Character description of the members from Team Team Team Team Team Gaara & Team Taka