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“I’m not sure if the people who came to my Bar Mitzvah were really my friends, or if they just came for the party. But everyone hugged me at the end and told me ‘congratulations,’ so I think that...

Run towards the sound of grotesque sobbing and screaming and odds are 1/5 you've got a homestuck

14 Strange and Fabulous Trees

It's no wonder people make up stories about trees coming to life to gobble up humans. When a tree starts creeping over fences to get at tombs, the imagination is sure to run wild.

In this picture it becomes clear that Pandas are endangered because they take too many risks

I love how in the last one Dean realised this is the last time he'll ever hug Cas every again. AND THE FEELS TAKE MEEE

He's open for adoption! Anybody wanna adopt him? His name is lighting and he's really sweet but really shy.