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I totally need this mug.

morning cup of Coffee.I know it says tea time but my first cup is always coffee in the mornings

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Not a morning person? Yep this is definitely me ! Don't speak to me until I've had my first cup of tea !

Love this coffee mug. Starter fluid!

DIY Sharpie mug. Great idea for the person who needs a little morning pick-me-up! In the north country we use starter fluid for our cars.


coffee mug, shhh, almost, now you may speak, Good DIY gift for coffee addicts

I love you. I know.

Star Wars fans remember the iconic "I know" :) . When Leia says "I love you" to Han Solo for the first time, he just looks at her and replies, "I know." Han's (Harrison Ford) original line was supposed to be "I love you, too.


I want this cup! All I Need Today is a Little Bit of Coffee and a Whole Lot of Jesus Sharpie Mug. totally describes me. except I need a whole lot of coffee and a whole lot more of Jesus

"You have a problem." "Yes, I do." "Junkie." "Angel. You've got wings, baby."

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Handwritten Coffee Mug, if it requires pants or a bra it's not happening today, lazy day mug, funny mug

This is a great mug! And so true! This would make a perfect gift for a friend or even yourself! This is hand drawn design done with a non toxic

Coffee mug love: Coffee Mug Darkness and Chaos Funny/Humor Cup by WholeWildWorld,

https://www.etsy.com/listing/176151407/coffee-mug-i-love-you-more-than-coffee  #ChantillyStay #Coffee #CoffeeHumor

I love you. I love coffee. I love you more than coffee but not always before coffee. Are you not a morning person? Share your love of coffee with