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“Ooohhh is doing the side by side comparison of our speech n the super BITE done at 😱😱😨😨😲😅”

12 iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

I tried all three but always stopped myself, it's not my place to chase after you. I would in a heart beat but I feel it's more important to respect your situation. Just know that I even though I'm not at your doorstep right now, I am still on your path.

How To Deal When You Have A Crush On A Friend Who Doesn't Like You Back

Dear Heather, I’ve been friends with this guy for almost three years. For the first year, it was just a friendship, but then I fell in love with him. I eventually told him that I had a crush on him, and he was okay with it… but he told me he didn’t like me in … Read More