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Omfg- someone succeeded  in math

Only the Illuminati eat salad. So the star of David is the same as an inverted pentagram?<<<<<its a hexagram not the Star of David

Yep!!! Hahahahahaha!! - At least we would know exactly what happened.

- At least we would know exactly what happened.

@Allison Rice Reynolds reminds me of what i said about animal crackers on thursday:P

Don't let the haters bring you down! You eat those animal crackers, girl! Best cashier ever

Incredibly pretentious

Damn, if only I had been this eloquent and quick with my sarcastic wit back in grade school. I would still have been written up all the time for talking back, but I'd feel a lot more satisfied by the looks on their faces.

Seriously!  Why do they make these things so hard to open?!?

"Oh you're sick and really weak? Here, tear open this steel package for medicine. Migraine meds-- oh yeah!


Cute Cat and Funny Cat : On those truly insane days apply face directly to wall.