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My Top 10 Favorite Book Covers

When I hear teenage girls say, "OMG, like the Twilight books were the BEST ROMANTIC BOOKS EVER," I just wanna throw a copy of this at their head. Maybe osmosis will kick in.

Pride and Prejudice

The cover of Pride and Prejudice - 1894 edition - Novel by Jane Austen - Illustrated by Hugh Thomson - The so-called 'Peacock Edition'

covers of pulps books - Buscar con Google

Pride and Prejudice - Pulp the Classics! Lock up your daughters. Darcy's in town. OMG so funny

Just bought this and am about to DESTROY it to turn it into an ebook cover. Tempted to read it first to soothe my guilt.

Pride and Prejudice (Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics Series) by Jane Austen: Book Cover

Peacock edition of Pride and Prejudice illustrated by Chris Hammond

Hugh Thomson Peacock edition of Pride and Prejudice

"A romance classic and a favorite classic of mine!" -Angela Duen, BCL Account Executive #reading #book #goodbooks

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. After I finished reading Wuthering Heights I am going to read Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice.