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Descriptive Writing: "Design a Conversation Heart" Template

Witches' Brew Descriptive Writing Adjective Activity. Witches' Brew is a fun. catchy, upbeat song by Hap Palmer. Its also chock full of adjectives. I kick off my descriptive writing unit by teaching this song to my students. We look through the lyrics and identify the adjectives. The adjectives from the song are added to our Bubbling Pot of Descriptive Words for the Month of October. Finally, the students brainstorm and add their own words.

This FREEBE is a great writing activity to engage your students during the holiday season. Use as a center or whole group activity to help students practice descriptive and persuasive writing. Enjoy! :)

Sentence Writing - Expanding, adding who, what, when, where, why

Stretch a sentence to take those boring sentences to descriptive!

Delicious Descriptions. Fun descriptive writing activity with Hershey Kisses (great for Valentines Day!). The post has tons of pictures and printable Hershey Kiss Template and activity sheet.

Show Don't Tell in your writing

Secret Heart Project . . . students decorate a heart at home, then write about it using descriptive attributes; classmates then try to guess which heart belongs to each person

Martin Luther King Jr

If I Met MLK writing activity!

Talk to Me Sweetheart! Conversation Heart Activities

Talk to Me Sweetheart! Conversation Heart Activities