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The avant garde landscape photographer who is misunderstood in her time.

It might have taken Mom a little bit to catch on to the whole texting thing. These funny texts from mom while she was learning are hilarious!

Textastrophe: TGI Friday's text, lol!! 14?

The 9 Most Epic Texting Pranks Of All Time. The One Killed Me. These are absolutely hilarious

Dump A Day How To Respond To Texts From Your Ex - 24 Pics

17 Of The Greatest Responses To An Ex Text Of All Time - Omg the error message one. The ex you're trying to reach has moved on.

this is funny but a little bit scary at the PINTEREST: @BRIIZALLS  time

I'm confused on how come the guy/girl didn't know or mention before that they had a maid. And why the dad is texting the guy/girl if he's that worried about a ghost.

Funny Parents Text Messages

This is my life with my Mom and Dad. You don't wanna be me when your Mom and Dad think -LOL- Means Lots of Love bu in that case my Mom and Dad are stupid as hell!

this is so cute and funny at the same time together forever relationships!!

This person answered incorrectly. The correct answer to 6 is yes, because they asked if they could spell it. Not how they spell it. Sorry Internet, I just ruined your happiness

TEXAS — A Texas teenager’s Tweets have social media cracking up at what happened when her mom stumbled upon what she thought was drugs in her bedroom. Ashley Banks posted screenshots o…

‘You’re grounded!’: Mom thinks she found drugs in teen’s room, girl’s explanation is hilarious - Funny Pics

15 Awkwardly Funny Texts From Parents | Her Campus

15 Awkwardly Funny Texts From Parents