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5. I personally love Marilyn Monroe for her style, her infamous quote and the symbol she represents as a “sex goddess.” Marilyn shaped and reformed our society and culture as a whole. She gave new terms for what is beauty and what its is to be a successful woman. Culture now associates beautiful with Marilyn Monroe.

"I grew up among Sisters and have always been used to women in modest dress, with their heads covered. I've never understood why it's so incredibly horrible that some Muslim women cover their heads in public. It's not unusual! OP- "Head Covering as a Common Practice""

Do the clothes you wear wear out the world? Buying Eco-Friendly, Fair Trade, Charity Organization and Used clothing helps make a difference!

Proverbs 21:23-Whoever guards his mouth and tongue Keeps his soul from troubles. - reaching the world w/the word of God, one SEED at a time! #Agrainofmustardseed #ReadScripturesAloud

Sex and The City- Lady CEO- Dress how you want to be ADDRESSED. ..Confidence, Stylish, Chic, Sophisticated, With A Touch Of Sexy Glam ; ) #LadyLuxuryDesigns

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compromise is good in relationships, except when its something you cant compromise on. Never forget your own life plans. Never change your goals and plans for someone else. Never give up on the things you want. That is how people grow to resent each other later in life. And that is not what i want.--Words of advice from Ananda to Ananda