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toorop johannes | Jan Toorop

toorop johannes | Jan Toorop (1858-1928)

toorop johannes | jan toorop novembermiddag 1885 Novemberdag/ Jan Toorop

This image is from the Book of Marvels by Zakarīyā ibn Muḥammad Qazwīnī, a thirteenth century Arab geographer and scholar …The creature pictured here is somewhat like a mermaid… The fish comes onto the land at night to eat grass and jumps back into the sea with sunrise. Some say that it breathes fire from it nose and so burns the grass while it is eating…"

Take a soft tipped brush Dip, and trace my nakedness; Viscous dripping rainbow streams Clothe me here within our dreams. Swirl my curves With satin pink, Let your brush flutter and sink lower, purp...

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