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Richard Armitage pin of the day! (See, there's a bit of purple collar sticking out, I can use this one!

Richard Armitage. Broadway Interview at the Jane Hotel in NYC.

Love, Love, Love's Richard Armitage on Dancing Like a Teenager Backstage, His Royal Bucket List Role &

Richard Armitage...look at those pretty baby blues, match his shirt!! handsome ;)...looks like Bradley Cooper, Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hiddleston and David Conrad?!

Richard Armitage by Justin Canning, -- Ooooo goodness. I love this man!

Berlin Station: Season 1 - Episode ? (2016)

Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller in Berlin Station Ep 5 もっと見る

Richard was on the Today Show this morning. Monday Dec. 12, 2016

Richard Armitage: ‘I’m so sad’ to say goodbye to ‘Love, Love, Love’ Off-Broadway