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DIY Simple Mesh Net. Why do I need to know this? Other than for good out door survival skills, I want to make hot air balloon decorations and a mesh net over the balloon would look awesome! Haha... This is easy and simple. Just what I needed.

If You’re Going To Bug In, Do It Right: DIY Bunker Plans - What I want to focus on today is the disaster bunker, which is widely thought to be out of reach for most either financially or space wise. This article will go over a few ways you can achieve the goal of having a survival bunker.

13 Survival Tips That May Save Your Life Someday

Morse Code For Survival #lol #haha #funny

Morse Code For Survival #lol #haha #funny

Honda's hydrogen fuel cell sedan can power your entire house

Honda's Clarity Fuel Cell sedan, capable of 434 miles on a single tank, is the brand's first production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

Camping Hack: How to Make Fire With a Lemon (Fact or Fiction?) - I thought this was a pretty clever, although not terribly practical idea. While you may not have these types of items lying around (zinc nails anyone? :)), it just goes to show you what might be possible if SHTF.