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I always wanted to take my parents out for adventures @PalmBeach

Since I moved back to Sydney, Australia to spend some time with my parents, who also moved in here (which story I will talk about it in an oth.

Flying a drone over the ocean in Australia 👍

Flying a drone over the ocean in Australia 👍

Back to Sydney to celebrate my First Aussie Christmas 😀

Back to Sydney to celebrate my First Aussie Christmas 😀

Domestic Flights in Australia - they don't check anything

I always had international flights and especially the Australian border was looking like a very tough one to pass through.

I ate everything in Vietnam..EVERYTHING I can definitely say I'm Vietnamese

I am officially Vietnamese

An Amazing Day - Sunset Kayakying

It is now morning and it is time for me to go and enjoy my first day in the Gold Coast, Queensland but first I need to do a good breakfast.

Sydney Harbour Park - Reaching the top

Today I was off from work and I just needed to be in the middle of something green surrounded by water.

How to turn a nice walk on the beach into an adventure

After a chilled afternoon at the shopping mall, I wanted to take my friend to see a beautiful sunset on the beach ending up walking in the bus.


a BIG Australian Pride - Australia Day

How Everything Started

How Everything Started

Happy New Year

Watch the Sydney New Year's Eve Fireworks in Shot from the Royal Botanical Gardens.

I have something in Vietnam called Family

Ho Chi Minh City {Vietnam} - Meeting my new family

Last Minute Shopping For Our Next Destination!

The day was way to hot so we decided to go and so some last minute shopping for the stuff we needed for our next trip! But even in a chilled d.

I'm going to miss all this - Hilarious Afternoon on the Beach

After a day at work I went to chill on the beach and my parents decided to join me!