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While a lot advice will tell you what not to say in a job interview (don’t badmouth your boss, don’t ask about salary in the first five minutes, etc.), there isn’t much advice on what you really should say during those precious 45 minutes. What can you say to a recruiter so that when you ... Read More »

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Dental assistants assist the dentist in order to provide more efficient treatment to patients, by preparing the patient for dental treatment, steriliz

We are all known for something. Whether we realize it or not, we have qualities that set us apart from the next person in our respective fields. To accentuate those qualities in order to advance your career is how you develop your brand. Maybe you are consistently one of the hardest working or most knowledgeable wherever you go. You may be known for your keen insight into your field, your efficiency or for being the consummate team player. Just like the products we buy have brands that ...

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45 Photos That Won't Make Sense to Non-Teachers

Get out of the bleachers, onto the court and into action! HNY 2014

Get out of the bleachers, onto the court and into action!

When I think of the word, “career”, I think in terms of one’s lifework. It’s about the aspect of life devoted to working. For most of us, that is a long time span and, on average, consists of about 25% of the total hours in a year. So what career strategies can be put in place ... Read More »

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Mentorship is an important career component. While a mentee with a great mentor…

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