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Bodies, Bauhaus and ballet inspired set designer Anna Lomax’s project called “Body Builder.” Collaborating with photographer Jess Bonham, the London-based artist balanced props on her model’s body,...

The Gourmand 02: Measures of Quality

Bodyscapes “Israeli artist Ronit Bigal meticulously presents excerpts from sacred Biblical texts on the human body in her Body Scripture IIseries. Like Allan Teger’s Bodyscapes, Bigal gets in close to the contours of the human form, re-imagining the body as an abstract landscape. On the grooved, fleshy expanse, the artist systematically applies black Indian ink calligraphy in Hebrew that reveals passages of scripture.

Laberintos vs. Jardines: Somos cuerpos sagrados de geometrías sagradas_Oskar Schlemmer. Body resulting as a sort of techical organism. Bauhaus