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Many beginners in sewing often argue that they do not have any need for special sewing furniture.

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Modern and colourful cross stitch patterns and DIY kits for a new generation of crafters.

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While I was needling away Kal started creating some pop culture patterns that he wanted me to do next. It looks so awesome when you create popular culture items in cross stitch as the technique creates a pixelised appearance referencing graphics fro

Thomas, I feel you will appreciate this.

This song is an inside joke between me and my hubs. Would love to make this song of wall art that looks very serious and romantic for a fun piece of art! (not the cross-stitching)

How To Start Your Cross Stitch - And Sew We Craft

How do you start your cross stitch? Do you put a knot or not? Well find out here.

29 Ridiculously Helpful Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Learn How To Cross-Stitch. I'm no beginner but even I learned some new tips! #CrossStitch #crafting #DIY

29 Cross-Stitching Tips Every Beginner Should Know

"if buying from different dye lots can't be avoided, take one strand from the old and one strand from the new to blend" 29 Ridiculously Helpful Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Learn How To Cross-Stitch

Backstitch video tutorial

Beginning and ending threads in cross stitch: loop method & pin stitch