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Found on Facebook !!! 😂

Grumpy Fuckers’ Coffee Shop opened its door yesterday and was overwhelmed by demand.

From Coffee writes on Google+

Good Coffee Mileage just like my Java-mobile HHR in Cappuccino Frost color!

Culture defines what is admirable. History defines what is exceptional. (Historically Hardcore)

Smithsonian: Historically Hardcore History is so much more bad ass than us

If you can dream it, Instagram latte artist Paulo Asi can create it.

Ever Seen a Cat Made From Coffee?

artist: Paulo Asi This is another form of latte art. Some forms can be created by directly drawing into the foam on top. Asi creates animal forms in his latte art, suggesting innocence and play.


"Hello darkness my old friend" Nine inch Nails song lyrics (Johnny cash did a great cover of this song) on this kitchen wall art print!