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Письмо «Мы нашли новые Пины для вашей доски «Площадки для отдыха».» — Pinterest…

Dymaxion Sleep (curled up) is a structure of nets suspended above a field of aromatic plants. Designed by Jane Hutton & Adrian Blackwell, Dymaxion Sleep (curled up) was exhibited in Metis Garden Festival between

Not Milwaukee Swing Park

Yo have to wait your turn at the swings at Boston's adult playground. The wildly successful Lawn on D Street is a temporary park that took no tedious city planning. Should we let more urban design emerge organically?

catastrophe-urben:    conceptlandscape:    Landscape Architecture: PLATdesign    now THIS is a parking lot!!

Parking Lot by PLATdesign. The organization/layout of this is great because it fills the function of parking lot but in as a sustainable way as possible

playscapes: Dymaxion Sleeps, or a Natural Playground on two levels

For this year's International Garden Festival at Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens, Jane Hutton and Adrian Blackwell created this garden installation called Dymaxion Sleep. The project featured a hammock-like structure floating above triangulated planting

Südliche Lohmühleninsel by Rehwaldt Landscape Architects « Landezine | Landscape Architecture Works

make the city your playground - landscape architecture works - playground - südliche lohmühleninsel by Pehwaldt landscape architects

WHATAMI | stARTT studio di architettura e trasformazioni territoriali

WHATAMI landscape, with “flowers” providing light, shadow, water and sound. where is this place?