Two worlds collide when the Northern Cheyenne Stone Heart meets Irish lass Aiden Conner. #Cheyennefinalbreakout #Ft.Robinson

A young Cheyenne shape shifter appears to Olivia Dahl, tells her he has been sent to help her deal with her family tragedy. She has dreamed of running with the wolves, but this is crazy.

A wounded warrior home from 9 years of torture and a devastated woman bond and they begin the long road to recovery together. #PTSD #VietnamWar #WoundedWarrior #militaryfamilies

Rowena's Hellion: He rides the Kansas prairie in the moonlight, wild to escape visions of the dead who followed him from the battlefields. The woman Rowena haunts him as well, but he dare not follow his desires. He would only hurt her. #soldier's heart #Kansashistory

A boxed set of Western Historical Romances including Stone Heart's Woman

Corie sent the child to Sean Garrick's house, hoping against hope that he was kind enough to take Kenny in, to give her a home. She had no other choice, but her heart ached at this broken family bond. Posing as a governess, she worked her way into Sean's employ - and his heart. Would he be man enough to love this daring woman - and keep this newfound family as his own?

Return To The Blue Door. Third in The Blue Door Trilogy. Katie and her beau are shocked to discover that they, once again, must face the Blue Door. Strange times lie ahead, as wrongs are righted, ghosts are laid to rest and a family member is acting very strangely...

Music For Your Heart: Reflections from Your Favorite Songs and Hymns by Ace Collins - Southern Authors

Emily Miller knew her life was about to change forever the day her mother said, "I'm pregnant." She'd hear those words again and again--and with every pregnancy Emily's father changed from bad to worse. For years the Miller family suffered through his rages. It took a terrible loss for the family to regroup, and all the love Emily can muster to save her siblings.

An Unconditional Love: A one-night stand changes Leslie Turner's life forever when she discovers she's pregnant. Keeping the child means losing her business. Even more devastating, the baby is born with a disfiguring birth defect. Her carefully planned life falls apart . . . until years later when she once again meets her baby's father. Can they ever be a family?

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