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Theres not a day that goes by that i dont get the urge to text you or come see someday boo, i miss my best friend

You only have so much emotional energy each day. Don't fight battles that don't matter. ~Joel Osteen

You only have so much emotional energy each day. Dont fight battles that dont matter.

Could you imagine where I'd be if I would have listened to your hating ass give me "advice". You're a joke.

Don't let a bitch with a mountain of dirty laundry tell you how to clean yours.

There are absolutely no words that can describe how much I miss you! 40 Lovely Friendship Quotes for Only The Best of Friends

This is litteraly me every day I just want every one to be happy but no one bothers to fix this broken piece of shit

SO TRUE. I remember this time in my life.glad to have come thru it but still feel for all of those who still struggle. We need more resources for mental health

she's my best friend if you break her heart ill break your face - Google Search

break her heart and I'll break your face. I'm not kidding of you hurt her heart or her, watch out. I'm tall and I'll break you.

God gave me you...^-^ I'm so thankful to have you

Yes he certainly did! I'm blessed to have you in my life. I love you with all my heart and soul. I thank God for every second that he has given me with you. ❤ I love you Joe!

True. Thankful I have a few ladies in my lifer hat do love me for me!

Find the person who is this to you. Be this for them, also. Marry them. True friendship is the foundation. True friendship maybe shakable, but it isn't breakable.

Wow this is so completely true

i've never experienced pain like the day when he first left me. the day when he left me again. it hurts like nothing else. you feel it in you brain ur heart ur skin ur stomach.everywhere you feel it.